Best Acoustic Guitars (For Beginers in 2018)


Ever wondered if the guitar you’re about to buy is really that good? That’s the main reason we decided to write this post, to clear some things up and help you make the final decision.

Instead of just telling you which are the best acoustic guitars, we’re going to explain what makes a guitar great. Let’s get to it!



6 or 12 Strings

This part shouldn’t cause you any major problems, as you can easily decide between 6 and 12 string guitar. 6 is of course, the most popular one, and we highly recommend you start here as a beginner. If you need more help with this, go here.


Which Brand

Now, there are a lot of brands and they all make pretty decent guitars, but we still recommend choosing the most famous brands, such as Yamaha, Fender, Epiphone, etc. Never go with an unknown brand just to save a couple of bucks.


Where To Buy It

So many places where you can buy a guitar! But where should you?

It all depends where you live. If you have access to a nearby music shop, than that option is probably the best. You can test the guitar, see how it plays & feels, and only then buy it if you’re satisfied. You don’t get the same experience buying online.

But, if you decide to buy it online, you can check out the major retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

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