Aerosmiths with a pile of surprises on their 50th anniversary


Guitarist Joe Perry confirmed that Aerosmiths will mark 50 years of their career in Las Vegas next year. As he promised, the concerts will be “something different” and at the same time, they also plan a tour. On August 15 they will appear in the Today Show show at the NBC television station.

“We will be staying in Las Vegas next spring, we want to do something different, something nobody has ever seen before. We will reduce our live show when we play in a smaller space. We want something different. We are in the middle of production. We want people to have an experience that would not have been experienced at the regular Aerosmith concert, “said guitarist Joe Perry for the radio station SiriusXM.

“For a while we were free from the wind in our wings, so it seemed to us that it would be very cool if we brought back some history. That’s why production will be in this style. At the same time, we will not lose anything, which we really are: hard rock band.

We are talking about production almost every week and how we will bring the matter to the genuine and sincere rock’n’roll we play, and at the same time we will add the element that people will want to see. For some time I have not been so excited about any project with Aerosmith, “ Perry continued.

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