2CELLOS Released Their New Song


The 2CELLOS musical duo has once again compiled one of the most famous Vivaldi’s Storm titles, which announces the release of the new studio album Let There Be Cello, which will see the sales shelves on October 19th.

“We always said that we wanted to bring our instrument closer to a wider audience and to erase borders between musical genres,” said music virtuoso and member of the 2CELLOS group Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. Well, this has definitely succeeded in them, because concert halls have been well-packed for many years in a row, and the number of their fans has been rising year by year.

This time, the miraculous boys began processing one of the most famous Vivaldi’s Storm songs, which also predicted the release of the new album, which is expected to arrive on sales outlets on October 19th.

They said: “The upcoming album came from the inspiration of various musical genres, including the processing of worldwide pop hits, timeless classical music, rock hits, as well as music that accompanied the biggest movie hits. Their place on the album also found two 2CELLOS original tracks, which we have not yet introduced, ‘Concept2’ and ‘Cadenza’ … the only red thread of the album is the forehead. ”

When creating a new album and the entire album, a longtime collaborator, Filip Vidović, is signed as a producer beside Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser.

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